Healing Tao Chi Gong in English

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Discover your self-healing power!

In this course you will be introduced to the Basic principles of (Healing) Tao Chi Gong.
Tao is based on the 5 elements / 5 energy levels  which are the foundation of this Eastern philosophy.

Healing Tao Program Livestream starts 20th February!

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    'Gentle attention'

    With a gentle attention we open up our potential and guide the energy ( Chi ) in a friendly way through our body.
    In a playful way you will learn about the meridians, organs and your chi flow.
    It's easy and enjoyable!

    Simple physical exercises (Chi Kung / Qi Gong) are alternated with meditations, self-massage, breathing exercises and rest moments.
    We do this standing, sitting and lying down.

    The power of 'energy meditation'!

    The Healing Tao Chi Gong meditations are internal energy exercises, based on the Taoist tradition of 'Inner alchemy'.

    We always start from what is possible (physically and mentally).
    This makes Healing Tao suitable for everyone.

    Energise yourself and increase your health, personal and spiritual growth. No prior knowledge is required.

    ‘I find Tao Chi Gong both relaxing and energising. I love the fact that the movements and exercises are relatively simple and accessible, so it’s easy to make it part of your daily life. Désirée is a really inspiring teacher!’ – Dawn

    (Healing) Tao Chi Gong can support you in daily life:

    • Increase your vitality
    • Be more conscious of your emotions/feelings and get a better grip on the situation
    • Find it easier to stay more true to yourself.
    • Feel and keep your boundaries more clearly.
    • Feeling and recognizing your 'inner knowing'
    • Become aware of your body; strengthening your 'presence'
    • Stay grounded in the here and now.
    • More relaxation and inner peace, lighter; in the 'flow'
    • Easier to calm down in challenging situations
    • Have perspective; more self-acceptance of ‘what is’.

    2024 Programma
    Online Livestream ( Zoom ) 

    • Energy meditation / healing sounds: from inner tension to more Balance.
    • Centring, inner structure, 3 Tantiens: Vitality & Stability.
    • Psoas muscle: 'Relaxed life from your centre', flexibility, space and strengthening in the pelvic and lower back area.
    • Little Celestial Cycle: Cosmic Orbit: Harmonise life energy; 'Come into your power'.


    TUESDAY evening:
    Series of 10
    Starting 20 th February-  7 th May 2024
    ( no classes 23 and 30 April)
    In your own cosy home; Online Livestream
    18.30- 19.30 hrs UK time ( CEST )

    • We meet Online; Zoom.
    • The classes will be recorded. So you can watch it later if you miss a class.
      Note that the only person to be seen in the recordings is the teacher. Participants will not be seen in the recordings.
      The recordings will be private: Only the participants of the classes have access to the recordings.
    • You will receive a link to the Playlist. There you'll find the recordings of all the classes.
    • The access will remain for the duration of the whole course with additionally 2 weeks access after the last session.
    • In total you will have 12 weeks access to the recordings!

    For the classes, what to bring?

    • A chair or cushion to sit on, (yoga ) mat.
    • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
    • A blanket to keep warm during the meditations.
    • Warm water or tea


    10 sessions
    € 100,- per person
    € 180,- for two persons living in the same household.
    Recordings are included
    Payments are via Paypal, Transfer Wise or Bankaccount

    Can I try a class?

    Yes, you are very welcome to try a free class!
    Just contact me and a Zoom link for the next class will be sent to you.

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    Thank you! You are welcome!
    To join the course, please follow the next steps:

    • Contact me : Désirée Bourgonje: Whatsapp:  0031  6 53 30 52 00
      Email: desiree@taozeeland.nl
    • Details of how to pay will be sent to you.
    • Your place will be reserved after the payment has been received.
    • A Zoom link for the course will be send to you.
    • Also you will receive the link for the Playlist with the recordings; each class will be uploaded there.
    • Join the Class and experience the Tao!

    Workshop Days/ Weekends; Live on location,  are offered on a regular basis. These are very nice as a deepening in addition to the weekly classes.
    A workshop can also be attended  independently. See the Agenda for dates and location.


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    For programs, dates and times, please check the agenda.

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